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Welcome to Heave! We are a privately run Strength & Conditioning gym in Wangara, Western Australia.


The Heave dream arose in Coach Nate's early years of university. After achieving Dux of his course and a rapidly developing reputation as an athlete and sought after Exercise Physiologist; his options following university were looking positive. However, while successfully developing a career in exercise rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions and spinal cord injuries, opening a strength gym was always the end game.


Creating a specialised gym and running a business for the first time was going to be a challenge, however with the support of his wife Christina and 4 years of planning and preparation, the Heave dream finally became a reality in March 2016!! 

After 3 and a bit years in Greenwood, the Heave community was growing and we all needed an upgrade. So the planning process started again! However, this time Nate and Christina had a family of Heavers behind them and man did the community rise to the challenge! By the end of July 2019 we had re built Heave in its current location in Wangara.

Our Facility

​​Heave is a modern warehouse gym with a raw no frills vibe. It includes a wide range of specialist barbells for men and women, 11 rigs, free standing squat stands, a heap of dumbbells and accessory equipment, a vast amount of cardio equipment and machines, wall and medicine balls of every weight and size, more mobility gadgets than are necessary, and a community you're stuck with for life!

What else is on offer!

  • Highly experienced and educated Coaches with a minimum Masters level tertiary education

  • Close guidance from your coach every session

  • Effective and safe training modalities

  • All programming is designed specific to the individual

  • The gym is equipped to facilitate all ability levels and assist with injury management.

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