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Let’s be honest, having the motivation to maintain an effective training routine doesn’t always come naturally. This service is as much about assisting you to take ownership of your own strength, fitness and lifestyle habits as it is about seeing results and achieving your goals.


Although our coaches are experts in their field, no one knows more about your body than you. All programming and coaching will always be  aligned with your individual goals and needs.

Individual Personal Training

  • One on one training session with a qualified strength and conditioning coach

  • Initial health screen (including general health and injury history)

  • Needs analysis (goal setting, training specific questionnaire, nutritional evaluation)

  • Physical analysis (movement analysis, anthropometric measurements, skin-folds)

  • Programming analysis and design

  • Individualised programming based on your specific goals

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Contact us to find out more!

Small Group Personal Training

  • This form of PT includes everything our Individual Personal Training service offers but in small groups.

  • Price will depend on the size of the group. Contact us to find out more!

Remote Personal Training

​Personal training is also a great option for those wanting to do remote programming but wish to stay in regular contact with a Coach to stay on top of technique and training direction. Get in contact to find out more about our flexible remote coaching option!

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