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Heave's signature Semi Private Coaching service is by far our most popular. Why? Because it is all about you! No copy and paste programs where you are left wondering how to progress to the next phase, and no plateaus. We excel at individualised programming and coaching for high level athletes through to everyday people who want to be strong, fit, healthy and ridiculously good looking!

What's on offer

Initial assessment

  • Health screen (including general health and injury history)

  • Needs analysis (goal setting, training specific questionnaire, nutritional evaluation)

  • Physical analysis (movement analysis, anthropometric measurements, skin-folds)

  • Programming analysis and design

  • Individualised programming based on your specific goals. Programs generally run for 4-6 weeks at a time.

Coaching and re-assessment

  • While you train at Heave, there will always be a Coach on hand to supervise and assist your training.

  • As you work through your program we will help you with progressions, regressions and alterations to your workload. Any re-assessments are done as needed and your goals will be updated as they change.

  • Once your program is completed, your Coach will work with you to make a plan for your next one so your program is responsive to your changing needs.

  • Membership also includes access to your program via the TrueCoach app! 


  • $60 per week plus initial start up fee. After hours access is also available for an extra $5 a week. 

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