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What's on offer

  • Individual analysis of your weekly dietary intake.

  • One on one ongoing support as we plan and implement your nutrition goals to ensure they are realistic and consistent.

  • Advice from a health professional with years of experience and interest in sports nutrition.

  • Meal plans and nutrition support that directly suits your gym/training program.

  • Advice on supplement needs for general health and training.


Coach Nate's take on nutrition

WTF are we supposed to believe?!

Nutrition is one of those things. Sometimes we nail it, but often we completely stuff it up. One day you think you’re on top of all the do’s and don’ts and then someone comes along and confuses the shit out of you and now you’re not so sure! Or maybe you are “sure” but in reality you’re slightly off course. There is no set way to do nutrition right but there are endless ways to do it wrong, even when intentions are good.

Personally I have had many different relationships with nutrition. It began when I was a skinny high school kid wanting to gain weight, which then grew into learning how to lift and eat to put on muscle (I'll leave the plethora of mistakes I made during those years for another time!).  Following this I morphed into a wannabe weightlifter, trying to assist my recovery and support my training with food... lots of food!

Things went south from there when I turned into a fat, injured blob. I became dissatisfied enough with myself to start practicing some serious self-control and steadily researched and learnt more about how my body really responds to food and eating right. I was able to drop 14kg and build a much healthier relationship with food.

Since then and pretty much correlating with life’s ups and downs, I fluctuated slightly with weight gain and loss.  The major difference however has been my ability to sustain healthy eating habits and a healthy weight which suits my lifestyle and allows for normal daily and weekly variations, and of course the intention to become leaner and stronger still!!

When it comes to nutrition, there are so many questions that we all have like:

  • How many calories should I be eating?

  • Are Carbs bad for you?

  • Should I do fasting?

  • Can I have a cheat day?

  • If I eat too much of ‘X’ will it affect ‘Y’?

  • What supplements should I be taking?

  • What diet/meal plan/insta-fuck-face should I follow?


These are murky waters for most of us but there is a science to it all!

Be honest with yourself before you expect change

If you have goals to lose weight, increase muscle, increase strength or just lead an active and balanced lifestyle then nutrition is for you, not just bodybuilders and vegans!! You obviously understand the importance and necessity of exercise so why be satisfied with a piss poor diet? I get it, you can’t have a perfect diet all the time, it’s not sustainable or enjoyable and there is a time to enjoy yourself and loosen the reigns. The problem is when this ‘sometimes’ eating begins to look very similar to your ‘most of the time’ eating.

It’s easy to convince yourself that ‘nutrition is too hard’ or ‘I eat too much when I’m stressed/had a busy day/don’t have the time.’ I call bullshit and if you’re honest with yourself, you do too! These are excuses for the weak which will leave you fatter with less energy, muscle and strength.

Good nutrition isn't just important it is necessary for every living , breathing individual. There are so many simple changes we can make together to improve your diet and honestly I can't wait to help!

​​​If support with nutrition is something you are keen on, contact Coach Nate on 0413 110 734 and get serious about your health and fitness goals!


*For advice on allergies or intolerances see your doctor.

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