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Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.

Serena Williams

All women are strong, it's in our DNA, a unique power that pushes us to function when tired, succeed when underestimated and morph between the rainbow care bear and the pink power ranger at will.


At Heave we celebrate all women improving their health and fitness and offer exclusive strength and conditioning programs based on individual medical history, ability and goals. Head Coach Nate has years of experience and an in depth knowledge of how to safely and effectively train women at all stages of life. Plus you will have the support of the diverse Heave family to help train in a motivating, fun and judgment free zone


How it begins!

Contact us on our socials or feel free to call or message Head Coach Nate directly to have a chat. We can then set up your initial assessment and get started developing your program. 

Initial assessment

  • Health screen (including general health and injury history)

  • Needs analysis (goal setting, training specific questionnaire, nutritional evaluation)

  • Physical analysis (movement analysis, optional anthropometric measurements, skin-folds)

  • Programming analysis and design

  • Individualised programming based on your specific goals. Programs generally run for 4-6 weeks at a time.

Coaching and re-assessment

  • While you train at Heave, there will always be a Coach on hand to supervise and assist your training.

  • As you work through your program we will help you with progressions, regressions and alterations to your workload. Any re-assessments are done as needed and your goals will be updated as they change.

  • Once your program is completed, your Coach will work with you to make a plan for your next one so your program is responsive to your changing needs.

  • Every Heave member will be provided with access to their individual program on the True Coach app.

Nate will always work with you to develop an individual training program, however general areas of focus may include:

  • Opening up the areas of tightness which cause pain, discomfort and restrict free flowing movement.

  • Learning and developing movement and lifting skills to build your training arsenal in the gym.

  • Developing functional and meaningful strength throughout your whole body to keep you moving well and prevent injury in your day to day and sporting activities.

  • Conditioning work to build up your fitness both in and out of the gym as well as keep you leaner and meaner.


  • $55 per week plus initial start up fee. After hours access is also available for an extra $5 a week. 

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